By now, you may be a little curious about the Law of Attraction...I mean, how exactly does it work? 

This is why I've put together a handy little explanation (complete with a free gift!) for you about the Law of Attraction (LOA.)

First, you need to understand how powerful your thoughts are. Energy is EVERYTHING.

When you think a thought, you are sending out a vibration, it’s positive or negative. The Law of Attraction must match your vibration (energy). It is the energy behind your words, the feelings, that connect with the Law of Attraction.

For example, let’s say you're hating your job and you walk around complaining and telling everyone how much you can’t stand it. The Law of Attraction (LOA) checks-in with you (it’s always checking in!) and sees you focusing on how much you hate your job.

The LOA is very obedient, so it will give you more of what you’re putting your focus and attention to...which is, hating your job. 

Now, that’s not something you want to manifest more of, is it?

Remember, like attracts like. The universe has no choice but to match your vibration.

But, the LOA works in an opposite, more positive way too!

You can have gratitude for anything, anywhere at anytime. And you guessed it, all this gratitude raises your vibration and you will create more manifestations of this feeling.

Nothing changes until something changes.  

I’m talking about little changes, little shifts in your thinking. These shifts can lead to big changes.

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